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Enjoy great BBQ in Cornwall!

posted by: Ramada Cornwall on: June 21, 2019 3:27:19 PM


The sun’s out, the air is hot – maybe just a little TOO hot, but you’ve got a patch of shade, a cool beverage and nothing to do. The stage is set for a little bit of barbeque!

There’s something about smoked meats that goes SO well with summer heat, and that’s why Cornwall is hosting Ribfest for another year! More than just a feast of food, Ribfest is also a music festival and a heck of a reason to get out in the sun!

First things first, one of the major draws of Ribfest is the ribs, obviously! Nearly a dozen of North America’s most accomplished ribbers come to Ribfest every year to compete for your rib dollar! That means there’s something for everybody’s taste, so long as you love ribs! Please – just read the list of competitors and try to pretend like your mouth hasn’t started watering.

The sweet smell of hickory smoke won’t be the only thing in the air! Each day of Ribfest features a full line-up of live bands who will be pulling out all the stops to show you a good time! Enjoy tribute acts like Double Vision (Foreigner), Simply Skynard (Lynard Skynard), Abbamania (self-evident), Stacey’s Mom (90s rocks) and many, many more!

Cornwall Ribfest is a great time every year. What’s most amazing is the ability to try different ribs back to back.  You get to see just how the skill of these incredible ribbers transforms the same basics ingredients into pure magic.

Can’t wait to get your rib on? Take the first step by booking a stay at the Ramada Cornwall. Our indoor heated pool and hot tub are a great way to recover from a day in the sun and too much – but never enough – smoked meat!

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