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posted by: Ramada Cornwall on: October 11, 2018 4:53:41 PM

Here in Cornwall, we love and respect the history of Canada and our beloved city. That shows in our gorgeous downtown area, the maintenance of picturesque Lamoureux Park, and these upcoming events!



When Fleetwood Mac hit the airwaves in the 70s, they were an incendiary band, an incredible, volatile mixture of incredible musicianship and deep feeling. Famously torn apart by the romances of its members, Fleetwood Mac was always the sort of musical experience too good to last. While they have toured in the last few decades, revolving line-ups of classic members and new replacements have meant they never really captured their former glory.

That’s where Rumours comes in. Canada’s premier Fleetwood Mac cover band, Rumours is able to conjure something of the former glory of classic Fleetwood Mac. Close your eyes and you will swear that lead singer Jesika Miller is actually Stevie Nicks in her prime! It’s an uncanny experience, and one we cannot recommend enough. Catch them at the Aultsville Theatre on October 24!



Known as “the first lady of guitar,” Liona Boyd has been thrilling audiences with her deep and captivating classical guitar playing for decades! A Canadian musician who is known worldwide, Boyd made her worldwide debut at Carnegie Hall back in 1975, and her playing has only become more mature, deep and profound ever since! She’s won five Juno awards, and beloved for her sensitive and delicate guitar work all around the world.

On November 3, she will be playing the historic Aultsville Theatre in Cornwall. The combination of this warm and intimate venue with Boyd’s profoundly affecting playing will be the perfect remedy for the cold air! Put on a cozy sweater and enjoy a wonderful winter evening.

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posted by: Ramada Cornwall on: October 1, 2018 4:34:39 PM
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posted by: Ramada Cornwall on: September 19, 2018 1:39:20 AM
The best place to stay in Cornwall! 

Halloween is coming to Cornwall! We’re the kind of town where you can feel safe taking your kids for trick-or-treating, and we encourage you to do so! But if you’re looking for something a little different to do this Halloween, here are our suggestions!



Archie’s Minigolf is a beloved institution here in Cornwall, and this October it takes on a decidedly SINISTER (but fun) air!

All October, if you come for a game of minigolf you’ll be treated to Halloween decorations and actors haunting all 18 holes! It’s a thrill and a half, and a great excuse to bust out the putter and test your mettle against the course’s classic windmills, gators and other spooky traps!

It’s fun for the whole family, but Archie’s cautions that if you’re going to bring younger kids, try to come in the daytime!



What better time is there to let your geek flag fly than on Halloween! That’s why CAPE (Cornwall and Area Pop Event) and Fantasy Realm (Cornwall’s favourite comic book store) are joining forces to put on fan festival this October 27 at the Cornwall Civic Complex! If you’ve spent dozens of hours nailing the details on your Harley Quinn costume, or moulding the abs on your Thor armour, then don’t waste your efforts on just any old trick or treating – show off your skills at a Cosplay contest!

This year’s featured guest will be Supernatural’s Hannah Levin, as well as pro cosplayers Aero and Ottawa Knights! It’s going to be a fun event for everyone who loves comics, sci fi, and the entire geekverse! Even better, Fantasy Realm will be handing out free comics – does it get better than that?

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posted by: Ramada Cornwall on: September 11, 2018 4:21:34 AM

Cornwall is the kind of town you’d want to raise a family in – and the kind of town you’d like to bring the kids for a visit! If you’re looking for some family-friendly activities to celebrate both the coming of autumn and Halloween, then look no further than Cornwall, Ontario!



This is an absolute must-visit. Upper Canada Village has long been entertaining and informing crowds about the history of our great nation, providing a fun and educational tourist destination that replicates life in Canada in the 19th Century and is great at any time of the year… but if you visit in October, you’re treated to something even more spectacular… PUMPKINFERNO!

Pumpkinferno transforms the grounds of Upper Canada Village into a kind of spooky fun art installation! Featuring over 7000 lit jack o’lanterns made by local artists, kids and contributors, Pumpkinferno lights up the night sky with Autumn fun!



It may not be Halloween-themed, but there’s a good chance your kids will love it: The Wiggles are coming to Cornwall! This world-famous group of children’s performers write infectious songs that make it easy to singalong, and their hilarious stage antics make for an incredible show! These intrepid touring artists have already completed 250 shows on this world-wide tour, and we’re very lucky to have them here in Cornwall. If your kids love to sing, dance and have a great time, then give them a treat – take them to see the Wiggles this October 5 at the Aultsville Theatre!

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posted by: Ramada Cornwall on: August 23, 2018 2:39:35 AM
 The best place to stay in Cornwall, Ontario!

Photo by Nile

Whether you’re coming for work or for play, Cornwall Ontario has all sorts of things to do!



A business seminar with a difference, Play4Agile is a combination business and gaming conference!

First developed in Germany in 2011, Play4Agile set forth from a basic premise – games help teach us about how people interact, providing clear frameworks for creating team efficiencies and motivations! With that in mind, the creators of Play4Agile started to develop games that would help leaders identify ways to foster team growth and excitement!

On September 20th, you can take part in this inspiring and exciting workshop at Cornwall’s Nav Centre – it’s sure to be an incredible and informative time for everyone who takes part! If you’re looking for the next step forward in building a team dynamic at work, then you should definitely register – not least of all because this is a tax-deductible way to play all day!



Located in Massema, NY, Upstate Comic Con is a twenty minute drive from Cornwall! You can live in the same city and take more time getting to a con!

In many ways, Upstate Comic Con is the little con that could. Featuring dozens of vendors and contests, viewings, cosplay competitions and more, this is your chance to get out and really let your geek flag fly! Get a photo op in a Jurassic Park Jeep, buy a custom Lightsaber replica from Jim Moscatello, and complete your collection of Funko Pops with a variety of tables selling rare and collectible items! Of course, the main draw is getting to hang out with hundreds of fellow nerds who love the same things you love. UCC is definitely nerdvana – don’t miss out!

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posted by: Ramada Cornwall on: August 17, 2018 3:25:20 PM
The best place to stay in Cornwall Ontario!

Here in Cornwall, Ontario, we’re sorry to see the summer go… however, we also love the cold winter just as much, because that means a return to the ice! Here are some upcoming events this Fall that will give you something to look forward to!



There’s nothing like the crack of the stones when a sweep really hurries hard. Curling is a quintessentially Canadian sport, and Cornwall has an annual tradition of friendly competition at the Shorty Jenkins Classic Bonspiel. This event takes place at the Cornwall Curling Centre on Water Street September 12 to 16, and will feature a great mix of amateur and pro curlers taking to the ice! Tickets to watch the Shorty Jenkins Classic are available here, but there’s also still time to register a team!



Cornwall is a true hockey town. Not only are we home to the Hockey Hall of Fame, but we also have a few teams that we support with all our roaring hearts! The Cornwall Colts are members of the Central Canada Hockey League, one of the most competitive junior hockey circuits in the world! They’re a Junior “A” hockey team and if you’ve never seen them on the ice, you don’t know exactly how exciting hockey can be!

The Cornwall Colts are currently in the preseason, but come September the regular season will begin! Watch them take on the Brockville Braves at home The Ed Lumley Arena on September 6 for pulse-pounding hockey action!

There are plenty of reasons to visit Cornwall all year round, and we hope that whenever you visit you’ll stay at the Ramada Cornwall. We go the extra mile in providing you with world-class comfort at a great price – book your stay today for an exciting vacation in Cornwall!