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Cornwall's "Fresh Air" City

posted by: Ramada Cornwall on: March 24, 2007 5:22:08 PM

There's a tired old myth about Cornwall, one that suggests this city, nestled alongside the majestic St. Lawrence River, has challenges with respect to its air quality. As so often happens with myths, they tend not to tell the real story. Such is the case with Cornwall.

Contrary to the myth, Cornwall boasts air quality that rivals many Ontario communities. The Ministry of Environment provides a daily summary of air quality for close to 40 centres across the province on its Air Quality Index (

A visit to the site reveals a positive pattern. Cornwall consistently ranks as one of the top 10 communities in Ontario for the quality of its air. In fact, since June, Cornwall's air quality has ranked above average, generally scoring in the top 10 communities across the province.

With its Gerald Parisien Community Energy Facility, a co-generation plant, EcoGardens, and the globally recognized St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences, Cornwall is an environmentally aware community. Its Clean Air Cornwall initiative administered by the River Institute continually works with local industries to assist them in utilizing techniques that helps maintain the city's clean air profile.

The outcome? Throughout the Cornwall region, people breathe easy and it?s one more reason why the community is a good place to operate a business and to enjoy the lifestyle.


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