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Get inspired in Cornwall

posted by: Ramada Cornwall on: September 24, 2019 12:56:06 PM

Cornwall has some truly inspiring shows coming this October. Don’t miss out! 


There’s no beating the awe and majesty of Cirque du Soleil. Ever since 1984 they have been presenting works of art that combine incredible physical prowess with imagination and whimsy, giving audiences glimpses into other worlds of endless creativity. Cirque are one of the most critically acclaimed shows in the world, and for good reason; there really is nothing quite like them.

What could be better than a Cirque du Soleil show? A Cirque du Soleil show ON ICE. On October 5, Cirque will be bringing their second ice performance, AXEL, to the Cornwall Civic Complex. The hockey arena will transform into a tableau that tells the story of Axel, a young man with dreams of becoming an artist whose fantastic graphic designs will come to life before your very eyes. Preview video here.

Reviews for this show have been incredible! You definitely want to catch it when it comes for one night only to Cornwall!



Who says classical music has to be stuffy? Christopher Hall has made a career out of showing that musical compositions can be fun by playing inspiring shows with his “Comic Quartet.” An incredibly skilled musician, Hall is able to poke fun at the conventions of classical music and expose the life of the pieces that he plays. Whether you’re a long-time fan of chamber music or just want a chance to appreciate it better, you deserve to see the Comic Quartet on October 19.

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