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Show Some Burger Love in Cornwall!

posted by: Ramada Cornwall on: August 25, 2020 2:46:27 PM

Photo by Valeria Boltneva

The humble hamburger means something to nearly everybody. The ideal food for a backyard BBQ or a fast-food pickup, it can mean anything from a bare patty on a bun or a gourmet sandwich with truffles and foie gras. You can have a burger you’ll never forget for as little as $4 or for as much as $300 – and you’ll find people willing to fight for their favourite all over the globe!

If you’re a burger aficionado, come to Cornwall at the end of August and into September for the Burger Love event! Some of Cornwall’s most beloved restaurants will vie for your burger dollar by pulling out all the stops to serve you the most sumptuous, most memorable slab of beef on a bun you’ve ever had! Here are some favourites we can’t wait to try: 

The Cherry Blossom Burger: Truffle’s Burger bar will be serving up a beef patty stuffed with gorgonzola, blue cheese & caramelized onions, topped with a sour cherry sauce and arugula on a brioche bun. Talk about flavour! 

The Drama Burger: Everyone HATES drama – but everyone will love Tilly’s Drama Burger! A ground sirloin burger topped with smoked brisket, caramelized onions in beef jus, lime soaked avocados, bacon, dijon mustard and havarti cheese on a pretzel bun, this burger will cover the entire spectrum of tastes for an explosion in your mouth! 

The Heart Stopper: Burgers don’t HAVE to be bad for you... but they probably should be! If you share this opinion, then look forward to Gaetan’s Chip Stand’s special, The Heart Stopper: a beef patty, bacon, smoked meat, bbq sauce, dijon mustard, topped with cheese curds, hot peppers, onion ring, fried pickle, and a jalapeno popper, you can consider this your cheat day… or your cheat week, or cheat YEAR. 

And that’s not all! If you want to try a sampling of these burgers (or all of them), come to Cornwall from August 26 to September 4 for a taste sensation!

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