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posted by: Ramada Cornwall on: August 6, 2014 8:54:29 AM
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Join Matthew Stapley for messages from Spirits, Q & A, Inspirational Speaking and more!  He will be at the Ramada on Friday August 8th at 7:00pm - 10:00pm. 

Get your tickets at  - $35.00/person

Don't miss a fun-packed and inspirational show that will leave captivated!

Matthew Stapley is a natural gifted psychic-medium.  His specialty is in helping individuals and groups to connect with the Spirit World.  His syle is caring, compassionate and evidential. 


Matthew grew up in Carleton Place, Ontario where at the young age of 8 discovered he had prominent extra-sensory abilities.  As he grew older he developed these abilites working with toools such as the Tarot.  At the age of 18, he had a severe car crash on his way to college which changed his life.  After the car crash he began to see, feel and hear messages from the Spirit World.  He began to connect with Loved Ones, Spirit Guides and Angels. He has developed full-sensory perception allowing Spirit to use all of his senses to bring messages of healing to people on earth leading to a lot of public work, media engagements and many sold-out performances.

"We live within each other not only because we have known one another but because we have inspired change, provoked transformation, enabled healing, and opened doors to experiences." says Matthew Stapley.

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